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核心提示:一. 否定句型: 1. There is not a moment to be lost. 分秒必争。 2. There is no holding back the wheel of history. 历史车轮不可阻挡。 3. Not a soul was anywhere visible. 到处见不到一个人。 4. I felt sorry for not coming in time. 我很抱歉没准

一. 否定句型:
  1. There is not a moment to be lost. 分秒必争。
  2. There is no holding back the wheel of history. 历史车轮不可阻挡。
  3. Not a soul was anywhere visible. 到处见不到一个人。
  4. I felt sorry for not coming in time. 我很抱歉没准时到。
  5. I don’t think it is right to make such a hasty decision. 我认为如此仓促做决定是不正确的。
  6. Everybody, it is true, wouldn’t like it. 的确并不是人人都喜欢它。
  7. I don’t wholly agree. 我并不完全同意。
  8. All my plans came to nothing. 我的一切计划都没实现。
  9. I shall never do it, not under any circumstances. 我不会做那事的,
  10. I’ll not do such a thing, not I. 我不会干这种事的,决不会。
  11. I could not assent to, much less participate in such proceedings. 我对这种行为不能赞同,哪里还说得上参加。
  12. I did not even see him, still less shake hands with him. 我看都没看见他,哪里还可能同他握手呢?
  13. I never thought of it, let alone did I do it. 我想都没想到它,更谈不上去做了。
  14. Little remains to be said. 简直没什么可说的了。
  15. I have hardly ever been out of Beijing. 我几乎未曾离开过北京。
  16. I saw little or nothing of him after you were gone. 你走后我很少看见他,几乎可说完全没见过他。
  17. I could not help showing my pleasure. 我不禁喜形于色。
  18. I cannot but admire his courage. 我不得不赞美他的勇气。
  19. I never see you but I think of my brother. 我每次见到你就想起我的兄弟来。(我没有一次不是见到你就想起我的兄弟来。)
  20. It simply will not do. 那是绝对不行的。
  二. 数词句型:
  21. It takes me three clear / cleanly days. 它花了我整整三天时间。
  22. There are fifty and odd (or and more) students in our class. 我们班有五十余人。
  23. The total expense amount to a hundred dollars. 全部费用合计100 美元。
  24. We were fifteen, all told. 我们一共十五人。
  25. The delegation consisted of 15, inclusive of (including) two interpreters. 代表团共十五人,包括两名翻译在内。
  26. There were fifty people present, not counting (excluding) the children. 出席者达五十人, 儿童未计算在内。
  27. We take a rest at intervals of two hours. 我们每隔两小时休息一次。
  28. I ask you to teach me every other day. 我请你每隔一天来教我。
  29. Beijing is ten times as big as my home town. 北京有我的家乡十个那么大。
  30. The sun is a huge blazing ball, a million times larger than the earth. 太阳是个庞大的炽燃火球,比地球大一百多万倍。
  31. By comparison with 1992, the foreign trade turnover of that country in 2003 increased (to) 3.5 times. 与1992年相比,这个国家2003年对外贸易总额增加了2.5 倍(增加到3.5 倍)。
  32. That table measures three feet by three. 那张桌子三英尺长,三英尺宽。
  33. He valued the house for me at ?,500. 这房子他替我作价为三千五百镑。
  34. His coat is rated at 20 yuan. 他的大衣值价二十元。
  35. The job was finished at a sitting (a stretch). 这工作一下子(一口气)就做完了。
  三. 被动句型:
  36. I got plucked. 我未被录取。
  37. He got dismissed. 他被开除了。
  38. You are bound to be received warmly. 你定会受到热情接待。
  39. I preferred to be assigned something more difficult to do. 我宁愿被分配(得到)些更困难的工作做。
  40. He was often spoken about. 他常被人们谈到。
  41. It is considered a shame to cheat in examination. 考试舞弊是可耻的。
  42. It was found difficult for us to understand him. 我们发现要了解他是很难的。
  43. It was proved wrong to say things like that. 已经证明那种讲法是不对的。
  44. It is requested that you kindly take immediate action in the matter. 对于此事,请速做处理。
  45. It hasn’t been made clear when the new road is open to traffic. 新路什么时候通车还没有宣布。
  46. Has it been decided where we are to hold the conference? 会议在那里开,决定了吗?
  47. I was warned not to be late. 我被告之不要迟到。
  48. I am supposed to know something about science. 有人建议我了解一些科学方面的东西。
  49. The books are not allowed to be taken out of the room. 这些书不准携出室外。
  50. She is no less diligent than her elder sister. 她和她姐姐一样用功。
  51. One minute too late is no more in time than half an hour (is). 迟到一分钟与迟到半小时同样是不准时。
  52. His strength is superior to mine. 他的力气比我大。
  53. Colored people are by no means inferior to white people. 有色人种丝毫不比白人低劣。
  54. My arrival in New York is posterior to that of my friend. 我比我朋友后到纽约。
  55. We love truth above everything else. 我们热爱真理甚与一切。
  56. It is worth next to nothing. 那几乎一钱不值。
  57. How could he compare with Bill Gates? 他怎能同比尔嚫谴南啾饶兀?nbsp;
  58. Easier said than done. 说易做难。
  59. I like that best of all / least of all. 我最喜欢/不喜欢那个。
  60. I can’t think of a better idea. 我想不出比这个更好的了。
  61. No other book has had a greater influence on my life. 任何其它的书对我一生的影响都没有这本书大。
  62. Nothing is so easy as this. 没有比这更容易的事了。
  63. The more a men knows, the more he discovers his ignorance. 一个人懂得越多,越发现自己无知。
  64. So much the worse. 更加不妙。
  65. Better late than never. 迟做比不做好。
  66. Better to do well than to say well. 说得好不如做得好。
  67. I would sooner die than do such a thing. 我宁死不做此事。
  68. Wise men love truth, whereas fools shun it. 聪明人热爱真理,而愚人逃避真理。
  69. I would do anything before that. 我什么都肯做,就是不愿做那件事。
  70. There must be something wrong. 一定有什么东西弄错了。
  71. Then came the hour we had been looking forward to. 我们渴望的时刻终于到了。
  72. Now comes your turn. 现在轮到你了。
  73. Not a finger did I lay on him. 我从没有指责过他。
  74. Never had I had any experience like that. 我从没有经历过这样的事。
  75. Well do I remember the day when it happened. 我清楚地记得事情发生的那一天。
  76. Enclosed are some pictures I’ve just taken. (随信)附上几张近照。
  77. Don’t let go the rope. 抓牢绳子,别松手。
  78. I would not let drop a word. 我决不说一个字。







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